About Me



About Me

The creative adult is the child who survived.

Are you looking for a real professional with years of practice and creative skills? You have come to the right place and found a fan of his craft, who will not only transfer the image to the body but also breathe life into the tattoo.

I pay close attention to the quality of work, your safety, sterility, and comfort. In drawing, I prefer bright colors and careful study of the details, making absolutely any image unique and special. I always adhere to the principles: professionalism, love for work, trust and friendly attitude, sociability, individual approach, and creativity!

Before making a tattoo, I consult the client in detail about all the nuances of the chosen technique. I explain what contraindications exist and what to consider when choosing an area for tattooing. I also talk about the rules after getting a tattoo and how to care for it. The implementation of all these recommendations directly affects the quality of your tattoo.

Who am i

Freelance designer with a million ideas.

I call it Illustrated realism. The style is based on realistic images rules like shadows, highlights, foreground, background, composition, contrast, and saturation. The skin is a canvas for tattoos, and it’s a very specific material. I like to take a bright drawing and saturate it with color, even more, making it glow and shine with shades. I want to keep tattoos looking good as long as possible and be clearly seen at a distance as well. I use more contrast, pure colors and play with different special effects like fire or light. I like to use hands, skulls, and fire in my designs, mainly to show some dynamics, mysticism, and bright emotions.

At the same time, as before, I am looking for new horizons and ambitious dreams, constantly improving myself and moving forward.

What I do not work with

With every design I take, I want to be honest with you and do my best.

But there are some projects I’m not able to do as well as I would. For example, “family portraits”. I know how important your friends/family are to you, but I’m not the best at doing portraits of the exact person and don’t want to do it badly.

It also concerns other styles than realistic, like old school, Japanese, neo-traditional, ornamental, etc. The best way is to find an artist who is really good in one style and get an incredible tattoo. Right now, there are many great tattoo artists, and you can find the best in style.

Because I have clients and followers from all over the world, I do not want to offend anyone. This is the reason why I don’t like to work on religious, political, and nationality subjects that might insult one of you.



Tattoo conventions are my passion

I love the creative atmosphere and communication with colleagues, so I don’t miss the opportunity to participate in such events. In my collection of tattoo conventions, there are most of the events in Central and Western Europe, as well as in America. I got prizes and awards for my work on some of them. Check it out!

1st and 2nd Best large color

1st Best of the Sunday

1st Best large colour

2nd Big color

1st place Best of the Saturday

2nd Best colour

3nd Best in show

1st Best portrait

Best of the day Saturday

3rd place Best of Saturday

Best of Saturday

Best color

Best of the day

Best big color

Best of the Show

3rd Best Healed Tattoo

2nd Best small color

3rd Best Realistic

2nd Place Best Color 

2nd & 3rd place in Small Color

2nd Realistic tattoo 

1st place Best sleeve

2nd and 3rd places the best arm/leg sleeve

1st place Large color

Best of the day Color

1st prize best Realistic

1st place Best small black’n’grey

2nd place Large color

1st place Large color

Best of show

1st place best small color

2nd place The best realism 

2nd place overall female tattoo

1st and 3rd places The best Collaboration

1st place Best Realistic

1st place – male large color

Best tattoo of the show

2nd – male XL color

3rd – Best portrait

1st – XL color

2nd – Male medium color

1st – best sleeve

1st – male large color

1st place – Large color

2nd place – small color


Feedback from my clients.

The best feedback on my work is when a client comes back for another tattoo. Fortunately, there are many of them. Creating a tattoo is a painstaking and slow issue, we often talk with clients about life, find common hobbies, and tell stories. There is a synergy that helps to create.

Powiem tak za nic nigdy nie zapłaciłem z taka przyjemnością jak za moje dzieci ❤️❤️ @levgenknysh wykonał taka pracę ze to jest obłęd .. nie będę ukrywał ze łzy mi poszły z radości jak zobaczyłem efekt 😍😍😍😍😍 @levgenknyshDziękuje jesteś największym kotem.


I tak oto, #tatuująccodziennie gości ArtLine a samemu omijając igłę przez 16 lat, dopadło i mnie 🙂 Postanowiłem umówić się do świetnego tatuażysty @levgenknyshaby wykonał na mnie tatuaż z motywem tatuatorskim. Efekt maszynki do tatuażu przerósł moje oczekiwania. Wspaniały warsztat, niesamowity artysta. Dziękuje Levgen za świetną pracę.


Finally got my next super safe session. Next part of my right full sleeve is done. This time mythology and warm colors. As always it’s been a pleasure beeing tattooed by my friend @levgenknysh! Do you like tattoos with cool contrasts and more realistic work? If yes, then go and check out his artworks!


Awesome experience at @levgens.is seminar last week. Such extraordinary talented and humble artist. Thank you for everything . I definitely recommend all of you to pay a visit to him @levgenknysh and thanks @alicedoll_tattoo for the beautiful pics 💖


Tattoo! Cant wait till the next session with you!!


My Armpit Volcano by the Very Talented and kind @levgenknysh during his guest spot @gurutattoo San Diego!


I’ve been Levgen’s client since 2012. He is extremely talented and I’m very proud to have his masterpieces on my body 🙂

Inna K.

The Best and Worst Day of my Life! Thanks to @levgenknysh for giving me this AMAZING Halloween Zombie piece! 15 hrs was a crazy ride, but worth every second.


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