Levgen & IM_tattoo

Levgen & IM_tattoo

Most of you already know about our collaboration.
When we did the first one, it was immediately clear that there would be more. In 2019 we won BEST OF SHOW at the most famouse and prestigious tattoo convention in the US New York Emire State tattoo expo. In 2020 we won BEST COLLABORATION at Zwickau tattoo expo.

Why the collaboration?
Because we were creating a unique piece of art involving two artists at the same time. Combining two different styles gives the result a new dimension and you have the unique opportunity to have a truly original piece on your body.

We both have an original style underlined by years of experience awarded by with trophies all over the world.

What should you know if you want to get a collaboration tattoo?
Not on every body part is possible. In order to get the most efficient work and a really good result. We prefer just a few placements (you will find more information below).

We are open to your ideas, but there has to be some symbiosis and balance. We have our heads full of ideas and good thoughts to create unique and original artwork, so it’s best to give us free mind. Collaborations are mostly 2 full day sessions or more. Almost all of the time we work simultaneously, so you have to be prepared to accept a certain amount of pain and patience.

Like we said above we tattoo simultaneously and do double bigger size in one day. Price is double as well and it’s $5000 per day

If you are interested, feel free to fill out this form and we will back to you.

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