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I launched my Patreon account. On a regular basis, I create and make available materials that will be useful to both beginners and experienced tattoo artists. I offer two support plans. I update content 1-2 times a month. 

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Are you looking for tattoo workshop?

Hey, I have a few super offers for you, and you can find what you really need.

Each type of training (except for a seminar) can be in the theory + practice format. One day of training is 6h intensive + lunch and coffee break (included in the price of the seminar).

Individual workshop

Throughout the day, the participant, together with me, undergoes training in a face-to-face mode, with analysis of work and correction of mistakes.

It is possible to choose a standard program or create an individual training plan, depending on the needs and wishes of the tattoo artist.

Group workshop for the tattoo shop

The seminar can be conducted only for your tattoo shop. The program can be standard or individually created, depending on the wishes of the tattoo artists. For the owner of the studio (regardless of whether he is a master or not), participation is free. Group – at least 2 people.

Group workshop "with friends"

You can create your own group of 2 to 5 people, which will be more profitable for you than an individual seminar. Depending on your wishes, the program can be standard or created individually for your group.


Usually, I provide it at tattoo conventions. I take 1-2 topics that most tattoo artists are interested in, and during 2h, I share my experience, explain my point of view on the topics and discuss questions.

Group workshop on the standard program

For this type of seminar, we announce the set of participants for a pre-selected date, the program is standard. The date, cost, and schedule of the workshop do not change. Maximum 4 participants.

Details and the standard program of the workshop are below:

The two-day workshop includes the 1st day of theory+demonstration and the 2nd day – practice.

On the 1st day, we will talk about my typical work day. I will show all of my secrets, from the design, through equipment to tattooing on a model.

The 2nd day includes practice on fake skin, starting with basic elements and ending with full-time work. The tattoo artist should bring their own tattoo machine and power unit, you will get the rest, like needles, inks, etc, on the 2nd day.

1st day

2nd day

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